CBSE Affiliation No:- 1730439
   School Code:- 10784
  U-Dise Code:- 08020322205

Advice Of Parents

Parents as a matter daily routine, should closely watch and carefully examine that: What their child eats? What he wears? What he thinks? What he reads? What and whom he plays with? What he speaks and what he does? The parents should provide their child with wholesome and nourishing diet, decent uniform to make him live with pride. He must read good books. No obscene literature should come to his hand in any way. He must be taught how to speak nicely and have good manners. The parents should send their child to school in property ironed, net, &clean uniform. They should check their bag when they leave for school in the morning. Unwanted articles should not be in the bag. Name of the child should be written on his books and note books. They should check and sign the dairy of their child daily.