CBSE Affiliation No:- 1730439
   School Code:- 10784
  U-Dise Code:- 08020322205
Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The foundation of a person’s personality is laid down during the school age. The environment during this most important period must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, ethical, moral, spiritual and social development of the child. Moreover it should also enable the child to cope with the ever growing challenges of life. The creative and modern education in our school is aimed at:

  • Drawing out the best in each child by teaching the value and joy of purposeful work and helping them to develop both,physically and mentally.
  • To build a firm foundation at schooling essentially required by the student to handle the higher education of his choice.
  • To develop a self-confidence in every student and a sense of responsibility or leadership quality in every sphere of life.
  • To perform a role of nation builder by sharpening the perceptions that contribute to nation cohesion, scientific temperament and independence of mind and spirit.
  • To impart and pass on cultural heritage and values to every student and to produce an enlightened and a complete human being.