CBSE Affiliation No:- 1730439
   School Code:- 10784
  U-Dise Code:- 08020322205
Principal Message

Principal Message

SNPS is determined to give the best to the students. It keep on improving the infrastructure as well as the academic plans of shape the students into individuals with strong integrity, smart personality and self confidence. Dear parents, you know that real education is to prepare a child to face the situations of real life systematic and courageous manner. So, our mission is to work on the same line. A well organized team work pulsating with dedication and enthusiasm is going on for the grooming of our student’s future. We insure that with the sincere efforts of parents, teachers and society, them learn to use their head, heart and soul in a better way. I look forward to your valuable advice and suggestions and thank you for showing your interest in SNPS.